Episode 7: 2005: A Terrible, Non-Spatial Odyssey

Quick disclaimer:  The audio for episodes 6 & 7 are lower than usual due to a technical error during recording.  I'm not an audio engineer by any means, so I had to remove most of the bass and up the treble a bit in order to remove the unwanted distortion.  So, it stills very much listenable, but if you're wondering if it sounds different, it absolutely does.

This weeks episode is a lot about a movie that we may or may not make, which would be a period piece based in 2005.  It would be about three bros on a road trip to see the final performance of Christian rock darlings Five Iron Frenzy.  So that might be a thing one day.  You can donate to the funding by searching for Veronica Mars Movie on the Kickstarter website.

This week's theme music is from Brooklyn punk band The Men, called "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition" off their first album.  Check it out here.

Here is a video by Five Iron Frenzy that Mat mentions, called "Handbook for the Sellout".

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