Episode 4: Little Tiny Smallies

It's that time again kiddos!  Hide your daughters, the Midwest Electric Pleasure Show is sauntering back into town!  This week we talk about sexting with Ryan Gosling, the Renaissance man himself Joe Rogan, Andrew's Dad disguises himself as Andrew's Mom and makes our first call-in to the show, and so much more!  We also talk a little about Planet Comiccon, coming up this weekend in Kansas City, MO.  

This week's theme music is provided by a great lo-fi pop band called Cape Canaveral.  The song is "Crazy Love" and you can check out some of their stuff here.

We have outro music this week, which is from the song "Misery" by The Simple Carnival, another poppy songwriter.  Check them out here.

This is Mat's Grant Morrison sigil or whatever.

Planet Comiccon, this Saturday & Sunday in Kansas City, MO.