001: Fight Club

First episode of Uncle Mustard's latest podcast: Dissentery! Basically a audio commentary/podcast hybrid, we are going to watch very popular movies and talk about why they don't deserve to be so popular. For our first episode, we're taking on what is, in our opinion, the best example of this: Fight Club. From unnecessary CGI to horrendous lack of continuity and a split personality conceit that makes absolutely zero sense even within it's own universe, Fight Club is plastered on the walls of teenagers and man-children across the great United States. We talk a lot about the origins of Chuck Palahniuk's novel on which the movie is based, as well pointing out the multiple continuity errors, Helena Bonham Carter's double billing as "Only Woman Cast" and "Manic Pixie Dream Girl", the homoerotic undertones present in the novel and missing from the film, and other various terrible aspects of the movie.